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Tours and special events for groups in Italy




In Roman times the word Incentivum stood for ‘setting alight', ‘enhancing', ‘creating enthusiasm'. In one word, motivating. Motivation creates team spirit and identification and fosters a sense of togetherness.

Our name describes our area of competence much better than any long description: ITALIA. An extraordinary country, the place ‘par excellence' for authenticity and exclusiveness, a naturally motivating destination.

As a D.M.C. we offer a series of Incentive tours and Events which not only satisfy our customers' high expectations with a seamless execution of the event, but also grant the participants ‘playful' access to the authenticity of our country.

Our TUSCANY-BASED headquarter is at your disposal to turn your event into a successful experience!

Our proposals

Incentive Tours & Activities

A wide range of incentive activities in constant evolution, which aim at motivating the co-workers, with fun as an essential ingredient.

Selected Locations in Italy

A wide range of selected location, in amazing scenarios on the beautiful coast, on the mountains, in marble quarries or on the hills, where you can breathe and taste the history of its local tradition.

Selected Accommodation in Italy

Each event has its own history; that is why we have a wide range of selected accommodations to give you the right one for your event.

Vintage Fiat 500

A spectacular event on board of a car that is steeped in history.

Cooking Event

Cooking together, a great team effort!

Marble comes alive!

An extraordinary event in the Marble Mountains.

Colore Toscano

Paiting Event in the lands of Leonardo

Tuscan Perfume

Perfume Event in Tuscany.


Sense the thrill!

Soapbox derby with Fiat 500

Build and push your own vintage Cinquecento!

Bicycle Treasure Hunt in Lucca

A funny adventure throughout Lucca.


A great Tuscan adventure!

Rural event with "Tuscan cowboys"!

Tradition and rural work together with the Butteri, the cowboys "made in Maremma".

Regatta-Event on the sea

Synchrony, reliance, speed of action and a common goal.

Events and much more...

Here are some of our proposals.